Leather reconditioning can be performed in any colour of your choosing

It is wrongly said that leather reconditioning only brings leather back the original colours of leather items, such as shoes etc. At Topfinish however, they can spray your favourite leather goods in virtually any colour that suits your fancy. As a matter of fact, each product is treated with not one, but two layers of paint so the colour deepens even more. To top it off, a third layer of paint is added. This one is colourless and protects the material from wearing out. Think of the possibilities. Precious air looms, your best sofa, a complete batch of shoes, all painted in the colours that you like best!

A company that keeps you in the loop during the entire leather reconditioning process

If you are active in the leather industry, you are well aware that leather recondition of leather goods could bring many advantages to your business. Less spillage means larger revenues, which means a better, more competitive position for your company. However, if leather reconditioning takes too much time, it might actually be cheaper to just order in larger batches and take the loss, right? Besides, how good of a job can a leather reconditioning company actually do? They thought the same thing at Topfinish, a Netherlands based reconditioning specialist. Which is why they keep you in the loop during the entire process and photograph each batch prior, during, and after treatment. Go see for yourself! Make use of the professional and experienced staff of Topfinish.

Instead of new furniture, opt for leather reconditioning

Leather continues to be one of the sturdiest materials in the upholstery business ever to be used. This is takes into account introducing various other products. However, even the best materials are prone to wear and tear. The level of attrition depends on the usage of furniture, but eventually all leather furniture becomes a little vale and the material loses its flexibility. So what do you do? Buy all new furniture? It is certainly an option, but a rather expensive one. Leather reconditioning is another, much cheaper option. Topfinish specializes in leather furniture reconditioning, making it look and feel as new as the day you bought it!

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