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Last Mile Solutions (LMS) serves clients from many industries and industry sectors, including government, publishing, advertising, marketing, charities & non-profit organisations, medical, art, books and travel.
For the corporate publisher industry we distribute various magazines. Some clients require us to provide letter shop services, most of these services we can provide from a local facility so that we save in time as well as costs.


Our Product Offering...

mailbox - periodicals, journals and magazines
- direct mail and catalogues
- business correspondence
- financial reports and statements
- books, videos and CD's
- promotional goods - small parcels and packages


Our Network...

LMS has extensive and long-standing direct postal service contracts in Western and Central/Eastern Europe, including third party access arrangements. We operate direct entry and delivery options in the Far East and the Americas. LMS has successfully enhanced and expanded its worldwide network over the past years. We now have agency-offices in London, Milan, Paris, Geneva and San Francisco. These agents provide operational services to the network supporting our systems 24 hours a day. Our staff has considerable experience and industry knowledge.


LMS helps you cut Mailroom Costs...

LMS has been able to contain many of the increased logistics costs our competitors suffer whilst maintaining or even bettering our service.
This makes LMS one of the best positioned companies in the mail industry, able to offer you a competitive product on price as well as service. Price quotes for some of the larger mailers have resulted in savings on their current distribution costs in excess of 20%.



I would welcome the opportunity to tender for your upcoming mailings so that I can illustrate our commitment to service and serving our clients distribution requirements. Please feel free to email me for a no-obligation free quote. Alternatively should like to discuss our proposition in person we can make an appointment for me to visit you.